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helps startups and enterprise companies bring their products to the blockchain.

Innovations in blockchain technology are propelling us toward new standards for financial and business systems worldwide. Our team of blockchain developers, product experts, and industry specialists is here to help forward-thinking companies stay on top of the technological demands of the future.

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The Anchor team creates contemporary solutions that make outdated problems a thing of the past.

Take your part in shaping the future of technology.

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Since 2011, Fueled has been committed to developing products that challenge the status quo.

We started with iOS, expanded to Android, and spent the last eight years building a diverse portfolio of digital products for clients in competitive industries like hospitality, finance, transportation, healthcare, and eCommerce.

Leveraging almost a decade of experience creating engaging apps, robust backends, and dynamic websites, we’ve succeeded in helping our clients stay ahead of industry trends and innovations.

Over the years, Fueled has assembled an extensive toolkit of resources multiple teams of diverse and highly specialized talent.

Guided by a proven and proprietary agile methodology, Fueled has set a global example for finding unique solutions to unique problems.


Anchor by Fueled was created to pursue our core values of progress, innovation, and passion in the blockchain development space. Our singular mission is to help our clients adapt to and take advantage of this innovative technology as we advance toward a decentralized future.

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We’ve seen blockchain technology on the horizon for a while now. Even before our 2015 investment in Coinbase, we’ve been an active member and supporter in the decentralized world.